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Titan Dog Prong Training Collar

Titan Dog Prong Training Collar

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The Titan Training Prong Collar is a reliable and durable training tool designed to ensure maximum strength and longevity. It's electric welded and chrome plated, offering exceptional durability, and it's resistant to tarnishing, breaking, and rust, making it a long-lasting solution for training your dog. This collar features a link closure style, allowing prong links to unfasten easily for straightforward collar placement and removal. If you need additional links or prefer a more comfortable experience for your dog, vinyl comfort tips are also available for this collar. The Titan Training Prong Collar comes in a range of sizes to suit your dog's needs, including 2.0 mm x 14", 3.0 mm x 18", 3.3 mm x 20", and 4.0 mm x 22", ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your pet. It's important to note that chain training prong collars, like the Titan Training Prong Collar, are effective training tools when used properly. However, they should never be used for tie-out purposes, as safety and comfort during training should always be a top priority for your dog.


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.

  • Chrome prong training collar is safe, practical and easy to use for effective training.

  • Prong placement provides natural contact for optimal communication.

  • Great for walking strong pullers, large dogs, obedience training and behavior correction.

  • Blunt prongs do not cause pain or harm. Replacement links available to increase collar size.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.