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Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips for Dog Prong Training Collars

Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips for Dog Prong Training Collars

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Enhance the comfort and effectiveness of your dog's prong training collar with the Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips, a thoughtful addition that makes training sessions more comfortable for your furry companion. These tips are available in various gauges, including fine, medium, heavy, and extra heavy, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific prong collar size. Each pack contains tips to cover every prong on the corresponding collar size, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The Titan chain used in these collars is crafted with precision, featuring electric welding and chrome plating for maximum strength and durability. This construction guarantees that it won't tarnish or break, and it's highly resistant to rust, ensuring a long lifespan for your training collar. It's essential to note that chain training collars like these are safe and effective training tools when used properly. However, they should never be used as a tie-out device, as their primary purpose is for training and correction during supervised sessions. Choose the Titan Vinyl Comfort Tips for Dog Prong Training Collars to make your training sessions more comfortable and effective, ensuring the well-being and responsiveness of your canine companion during training.


For added comfort and security.

  • Easily add to Titan Prong Training Collars for added comfortable, yet effective correction.

  • Each pack contains 20-24 tips, depending on guage size.

  • Titan Prong Training Collars are electric welded and chrome plated for maximum strength.

  • When used properly, pinch training collars are safe and effective training tools.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.