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Aqueon MiniCube 1.6 Gallon LED Kit

Aqueon MiniCube 1.6 Gallon LED Kit

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The Aqueon® MiniCube 1.6 desktop aquarium kit is a great starter kit for all ages. Its contoured design gives it a contemporary look, while being small enough to place in any office or bedroom. This aquarium is ideal for a single betta or a few small tropical fish. Includes LED lighting, an elevated base, internal filter with extra small replaceable cartridge, food and water care samples and easy-to-follow setup guide.


  • Size 1.6 plastic aquarium with elevated base
  • Contoured hood with feeding hole and soft touch LED lighting
  • Includes low voltage internal filter with carbon cartridge
  • Hood includes a convenient feeding hole
  • Soft touch LED lighting
  • Ideal for betta or small tropical fish
  • Kit includes: plastic aquarium, internal filter, filter cartridge, food and water conditioner sample and setup guide