Marina Sea Unicorn Aquarium Kit 4.5 Gallon

Marina Sea Unicorn Aquarium Kit 4.5 Gallon

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In a mystical cavern deep under the sea live the mysterious and beautiful creatures known as Sea Unicorns. Legend has it that thousands of years ago a herd of land unicorns were plucked from the forest by a fierce tornado and plunged into the ocean.

A magical mermaid transformed their hooves into fins and gave them the power to breathe underwater...the Sea Unicorns have made the ocean depths their home ever since.

With the Marina Sea Unicorns aquarium starter kit, join Spirit, Joy and Sparkle as they playfully prance in their underwater realm and share in the enchantment of their magical adventures.

Key Features :

  • 17 L (4.5 US gal) glass tank
  • Decorative Cutout
  • Background Graphic
  • Setup & Care Guide
  • Internal Filter